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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Minimal phone?

Minimal is a smartphone designed with digital minimalism in mind. It features an e-ink display, a full QWERTY keyboard, and runs on a customized Android platform, offering essential apps without the distractions.

How is Minimal different from other smartphones?

Minimal focuses on simplicity and efficiency, offering a user experience designed to minimize distractions. Its e-ink display is easier on the eyes and battery, while the physical keyboard supports more intentional use.

Can I use apps on Minimal?

Yes, Minimal runs on Android, allowing you to download and use essential apps. However, the e-ink display and device optimization are geared towards minimizing unnecessary distractions.

Is Minimal available internationally?

Yes, we plan to ship Minimal internationally. We will have a North American version of the phone and another international version.

When will Minimal be shipped?

We anticipate beginning shipping by September 2024.

Will Minimal work with my current mobile carrier?

Minimal is designed to be compatible with all major carriers. Please check the specific bands and frequencies listed on our campaign page to ensure compatibility with your service provider. AT&T:YES T-Mobile:YES Verizon:YES

Can I install any Android app on Minimal?

While Minimal supports the installation of Android apps, its e-ink display and minimalistic design are optimized for essential applications. High-performance games or video-heavy apps may not provide the best user experience.